Month: October 2019


Bath arrangement

Furnishing a bathroom is a simple process only at first glance. Modern manufacturers produce a wide range of products for this room, relying on the imagination of the buyer and his desire to optimize the space as much as possible.


How to choose a mixer

Type of management The most popular options are single-lever (the water pressure is regulated by raising and lowering the lever, and the temperature by turning the lever to the right or left) and two-valve (the valve is for hot and


Bathroom faucet

Today, faucets are not only a functional necessity but also an aesthetic addition to the interior of your bathroom. It is very important to make the right choice because no one wants to constantly change the mixer due to leaking


Bathroom Furniture

What furniture is needed in the bathroom? For the right choice, it is first necessary to know the size of this room and the needs of those living in the apartment. In the bathroom you can put a cabinet, a


Bathroom Furniture: Pros and Cons

Recommended Materials: Pros and Cons Wood. This is a rather capricious material for use in wet rooms, but with the right treatment and moisture resistant coatings, it is often used in practice. Thus, due to their strength and resistance to deformation,