Month: November 2019


Choose a shower cabin to the cottage Part 2

What are the weaknesses of the booths on our market? And what should you pay attention to when choosing and comparing them? The main thing is the pallet. The cabin is purchased for more than one season, and the weight of


Choosing a bath: types, features and brands Part 2

Acrylic bath A feature of these types of bathtubs is that they are very easy to clean. Also, have high thermal insulation. The material allows you to give the bath a diverse shape, while the weight will be low (up to


Toilet bowls in Bathroom

Toilet bowls When choosing a toilet, think about how to install it and supply communications. We will tell you more about the design of the toilet bowl, various types of flushing and the material of its manufacture in one of the


Pass it on to your tiler!

Why do you think these pretty plastic cylinders are inserted into the installation holes? These are mounting plugs. Their first purpose is that during the repair period it does not stink from the sewer and that nothing extra gets into


Choose a shower cabin to the cottage

With the onset of spring, summer residents are faced with the question of choosing a cabin. In one case, I want to get away from the antediluvian basin with a bucket and a tray of racks with drains to the