Many models of LED lamps on the market are equipped with a built-in driver and are powered directly from the network. However, often when choosing a lighting solution for the next object, we have to independently select an external driver for those cases where it is not included. What characteristics are important to pay attention to?

1. Electrical parameters

First of all, it is necessary to find out whether the LEDs require constant voltage or direct current – the drivers of these two types are fundamentally different! Then you need to determine the required value of the operating current or voltage, which must necessarily coincide with the LED and driver. Finally, the rated power of the driver must be no less than the total power of all the LEDs connected to it.

2. The possibility of dimming

“Standard” LED drivers do not support brightness control. If this function is needed, you need to look for the model for which it is declared by the manufacturer.

3. Security

Depending on the application conditions, the driver must belong to one of the electrical safety classes (I, II or III), and also have a certain degree of protection IP.

4. Efficiency

The typical level of efficiency of the LED driver is in the range of 80-85%. Drivers designed to connect more LEDs are generally more efficient.

5. Power factor

This parameter characterizes how efficiently our lighting system will use the resources of the power grid. The closer its value is to unity, a load of wires is closer to optimal.

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