Bidet or hygiene shower

To ensure perfect care of the intimate area, you can install a bidet or a hygienic shower.

A bidet that is unusual for Russians is rarely put: you need to bring hot water to it and install a special mixer. Bidet takes up a lot of space, and how to use it, not everyone understands. But for the elderly and people with disabilities, this plumbing item can be a real salvation. In addition, for some diseases, it is recommended to abandon the use of toilet paper in order to reduce irritation of the sensitive area. A bidet can be installed if there is free space in the bathroom with a width of at least 80 centimeters.

If there is not enough space in the bathroom, but you want to maintain hygiene, you can install a hygienic shower – it is cheaper and more compact than a bidet. In addition, it’s convenient to fill the bucket with a shower while cleaning the apartment.

You can separately install a shower by mounting it on a wall or by connecting to a faucet on the sink. When using it, hold the shower head firmly – there is a risk of not holding it in your hands and filling the surrounding area. In order not to adjust the temperature of the water every time, it is better to buy a model with a thermostat.

Smart toilets can be equipped with a built-in hygienic shower. In Japan, for example, bidet chairs are sold.


When choosing a sink for a bathroom, first of all, you need to determine its type.

The hinged sink (console) is convenient in that it can be adjusted in height. Under such a sink you will have to choose a beautiful siphon: it will remain insight, and it will be convenient to maintain and repair. It is better if the outlet for the wall-mounted sink is organized into the wall: it is more difficult to find a beautiful chrome-plated siphon with the outlet to the floor.

Custom washbasins are ideal for small bathrooms: the narrow part of the bowls is installed directly above the bathtub.

One of the varieties of hinged sinks is a water lily sink. It differs from other models by the location of the drain. Under such a sink, you can put a washing machine.

A sink with a pedestal (tulip) is a versatile and inexpensive option. This model can be installed in any interior. However, it should be remembered that its design does not allow to place any object under it.

If you want to mount a cabinet under the sink, choose a mortise or surface model. Both options are attached directly to the cabinet and allow you to organize your space as efficiently as possible. An overhead sink is usually more expensive than amortizing.

Specialized firms also produce whole countertops with a poured sink. They can be made of acrylic or artificial stone. Such projects are custom-made and can cost from 40,000 rubles in the simplest execution.

In the assortment of shops, you can find tiny sinks that fit in the smallest bathroom. We recommend that you do not neglect the standards and buy a sink with a size of at least 40×50 centimeters. Shallow products are inconvenient – water splashes out of them.


We have already talked about all types of mixers in more detail in one of our materials. When planning a bathroom, the main thing is to focus on your habits and needs.

If two people often visit the bathroom at the same time, discard the faucet with a long spout.

If the house has a small child, choose a single lever device – it is more convenient to configure it even with one hand.

If you are used to washing at the same water temperature, choose a mixer with a thermostat – it will eliminate the need to adjust the temperature for a long time each time.

Buy a faucet along with the rest of the plumbing fixtures: a small faucet will fit a small faucet, and in some models, it is simply impossible to insert a faucet – you will have to choose a device for embedded systems and place it on the wall.

Bath accessories

When planning a bathroom, do not forget to pre-plan a place for various little things. Consider where to place the hook or bar for the bath towel; choose a place for mirrors; plan your shelves!

Commonly used items you may need:

Mounted on the wall:

  • mirrors;
  • hooks and hangers for bathrobes and towels;
  • holders and handrails (for the bath area);
  • shelves;
  • heated towel rails;
  • lighting.

Are placed on surfaces:

  • containers for brushes and combs;
  • holders for toilet paper and towels;
  • laundry baskets (can also be built-in – read our article about bathroom furniture);
  • soap dishes, etc.



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