What furniture is needed in the bathroom? For the right choice, it is first necessary to know the size of this room and the needs of those living in the apartment. In the bathroom you can put a cabinet, a wall cabinet, a pencil case, a table, a shelf, a bench and more – standard equipment and with additional functions. To furniture was durable and comfortable, it is important to pay attention to the materials of each of its parts.

Types of bathroom furniture

Moody, or a washbasin cabinet, is a special cabinet mounted under the sink bowl. Its countertop already provides an opening for convenient fixation and is selected for specific plumbing. It is not necessary to change the elements of the kit separately since the joints will not be tight enough and can leak. Moody is very popular due to its convenient use, functionality and the ability to save space. In the cabinet, you can hide cosmetics, razors, and hygiene items that accumulate on the edges of the bath.

The compact wall cabinet provides space for easy storage. Such furniture will create an interesting interior. Her cleaning from all sides is a matter of minutes. It should be noted that the cabinet can only be hung on the main wall – the partitions do not support the weight of the cargo.

The case is convenient for storing household products (powders, rinses, etc.) and bath towels. Bathroom cases are angular, floor and hanging. The latter is often used to install mirrors, additional lighting, some accessories, and decor elements. Each pencil case can be equipped with shelves, drawers, and baskets.

A table for the bathroom is less common and is selected in accordance with personal preferences. It is fixed on one side of the bath or on both and moved to the desired side. It can store items such as pumice, soap, etc. In addition, romantics can comfortably sit in the bathtub and put a light dinner or book on the table.

Shelves in the bathroom are needed for placing items of common use – toothbrushes, pastes, soaps, deodorants, etc. You do not need to open the cabinet doors every time, everything is in plain sight and easy to take, simply by reaching out.

The bench is usually used in spacious bathrooms. It is rather a matter of design and luxury. It is convenient to sit or place bath accessories on it. In addition, it can be equipped with an additional shelf below. In general, it is a beautiful analog of a stool.

Each of the items of furniture for the bathroom can be equipped with additional functions, for example, mirrors or lamps. Plus add useful independent attributes to the interior: linen baskets, sockets, countertops above the washing machine, etc.



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