What are the weaknesses of the booths on our market? And what should you pay attention to when choosing and comparing them?

The main thing is the pallet. The cabin is purchased for more than one season, and the weight of users may not be standard, and the pallet should be chosen carefully. Ask the seller about the frame design, are there any support legs and are there enough of them? Are there any reinforced plates in the pallet between the plastic and the reinforcing layer?

If the pallet of the cabin is made of a thin spark. Marble, then it may be worth buying a polyurethane foam base if it does not come with the pallet.

On some pallets (on the side) there are technological recesses. They are used to drain condensate from the outside of the cab into the pallet.

Pay special attention to the siphon. It must have a water trap to prevent the penetration of odor from the sewer. It is also possible to make a siphon with removable glass for collecting hair, a “fungus” to stop the water supply and a separate pipe for draining water from the overflow in case the pan is deep.

It is preferable to consider the walls of the cabin made of glass, which is more expensive than the walls made of plastic, but more reliable in future operation and more aesthetically friendly. At the moment there are designs that do not require silicone sealing. This should also be known to the seller and show you exactly how this is solved. It is also worth noting that the hand shower watering can and accessories on the hard glass will “live” much longer than on thin plastic.

Ask the seller if the glass manufacturer has treated the glass with an anti-calc that prevents the formation of limescale. In some cabs, this is the default option.

In the event that you see that the glass has lost its appearance during operation, that is, a fairly budgetary solution – pulp from acetone and potato starch, in a 1: 1 ratio, removes any persistent pollution, whether calcium or lime. Put on glass, withstand 10-15 minutes for exposure and rinse with water. This method is absolutely harmless to all components.

And in order not to start the appearance of the glasses, it is necessary to create a usual water drain in the booth, for example, automobile, and after taking a shower, clean the glass from drops in five seconds.

If you plan to use the cabin for elderly people or users with limited mobility, then the manufacturers took care of this, equipping their products with folding or monolithic seats and handrails to facilitate being inside the cabin and getting out of the seat after the procedures.

Faucets, watering cans, and hoses inside the cab have a limited life. Therefore, you should ask the seller in advance about the availability of these consumables in the supplier’s warehouse if their size, color, and shape are not standard. The same applies to tell, rollers, pallets. External hoses and connections also have their own resources and subtleties during installation. Therefore, it is better to entrust the assembly of the cabin to someone who has experience and understands the nuances of such work. Do not forget to read the instructions!

In some booths on the control panel, you can see a sketchy image of a telephone. Of course, this is not a standard telephone, but just a function of connecting an intercom or intercom. This is convenient when a cubicle is used by a child or an elderly person who may need outside help while taking a shower.

A separate topic is the configuration of booths with functions such as chromotherapy, hydromassage and foot massager. It must be understood that the main factories for the production of cabins are located in Southeast Asia, where a cult of careful attention to their health is developed. For example, by using a foot massager on the surface of the feet, you can increase blood flow to various internal organs every morning (or evening). And the color change in the chromotherapy lamp affects the emotional state of a person.

In medicine, which is two thousand years old, there is nothing accidental, and, instead of ignoring or completely disabling these functions, it’s worthwhile to study in more detail the experience of our wise eastern neighbors.



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