With the onset of spring, summer residents are faced with the question of choosing a cabin. In one case, I want to get away from the antediluvian basin with a bucket and a tray of racks with drains to the floor, in the other case they are looking for an alternative to a shower enclosure that has served its term, and in the third – to choose a cabin for the garbage compartment to the bathhouse.

Let us dwell on the main types of cabins and fences offered by manufacturers today:

  1. In a room reserved for a shower, we arrange a drain for drains, observing the slope and not forgetting about waterproofing. We veneer the floor with tiles or mosaics. We install a mixer or shower on the wall. rack, install a shower enclosure of semicircular or square shape with one or two doors on hinges or rollers. In the case of the allocation of space under the shower enclosed on three sides by capital walls, we install a door in the formed opening. This type of fencing is called a ” shower room in construction “
  1. Often the walls inside the country house are finished with timber or lining, and there is no possibility to equip them with tiles. Then it is worth considering a four-wall fence mounted on the floor with a railing or on a pallet made of acrylic, steel or spark marble. This fence will reliably protect the tree from direct hit water and may have technological openings in one of the walls for mounting the mixer or may already be equipped with a mixer with a shower stand. This type is perfect for those who operate the house only in the warm season since you can quickly dismantle the faucet for the winter to avoid damage from frost. This type is called a ” four-wall shower enclosure with technological holes for installing the mixer .”
  1. In order to make the shower comfortable at any time of the year, it is worth considering the option of a full-fledged shower cabin, equipped with a faucet, hand and overhead showers, lighting, and an exhaust hood, additional shelves for storing various cosmetics. In such a cabin there may be a roof, such as A separate option that can be mounted a steam generator to create the effect of a Turkish steam room. The pallet can be either standard height or a deep one, for example, in order to wash a child in it, soak the laundry or rinse the pet. This will be a full-fledged ” shower “
  1. If there is one bathroom in the house and there are a lot of people living, manufacturers offer to consider a product that combines the comfort of an ordinary home bathtub and the walls of a shower cabin. Such a structure is called “guidebooks “The shape can be a rectangular or uglovoy.V gidroboksom possible the same options as in the standard booths, an additional bathroom can be equipped with systems of hydro and air massage.

What is to remember and to know when choosing a shower enclosure in the house?

Most The main thing is, of course, the size of the room and the location of the main sewer and hot/cold water routes. It should be borne in mind that in the bathroom, in addition to the cabin itself, there may be a toilet, sink, washing machine, heated towel rail, and a container for dirty white i.

In advance, consider the possibility of approaching the main highways in case of the emergency dismantling of the cab. It is also worthwhile to calculate in advance the power of the voltage if it is planned to cabin with a steam generator, and the volume of the septic tank, if you plan to install a water box with a large bath.

Remember that the capacity of the storage boiler may not be enough to fill the bathtub with hot water. By the way, many do not take this into account and acquire huge bathtubs, considering that since the room is large, then the bathtub should be nothing more than a mini-pool. Do not forget about the septic tank capacity.



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