Acrylic bath

A feature of these types of bathtubs is that they are very easy to clean. Also, have high thermal insulation. The material allows you to give the bath a diverse shape, while the weight will be low (up to 25 kg).

When buying an acrylic bath, you need to learn as much as possible about the manufacturer and the technology for creating the bath, as if the production will save on raw materials and processing, then at least the bath will carry an unpleasant odor, and at the very least it will have a very short life and possible leaks. As a rule, a good bathroom has a thickness of more than 5 mm. However, many stores sell restoration kits. Professionals are conditionally divided into two categories: some support and advice to use restoration kits with minor damage. Others, on the contrary, recommend immediately changing the bath.

Some manufacturers install a coating of sanitary acrylic, this prevents the growth of microbes, bacteria, and fungi.

Acrylic Bath Manufacturers: BelBagno, Jacuzzi and Cezares – Italy, Ravak and Riho – Czech Republic, Cersanit and Kolo – Poland, Villeroy & Boch, and Duravit – Germany, Roca, and Pool Spa – Spain and others, among domestic manufacturers Aquanet can be distinguished.

Kvarilny baths

A novelty in the plumbing market, presented by the German company Villeroy & Boch AG. These are bathtubs made from a mixture of acrylic and quartz. Quartz has a high level of strength, and when mixed with acrylic, such a bath does not need reinforcement. Strength and shock resistance – the main feature of the quartz bathtubs. The thickness of the bath is about 10 mm. Also, some models of such a bath do not need a metal frame. Of course, the weight of this type of bath is more acrylic and steel, but less than cast iron. The disadvantage of this type is its relatively high cost: in the Perfecto online store, you can buy a bathtub at a price of 35,000 rubles.

Ceramic bathtubs

This type of bathtub is divided into 2 groups according to the manufacturing method: cermet and earthenware.

Earthenware bathrooms have the highest cost: they are made from noble varieties of white clay, and a layer of acrylic glaze is applied on top.

The cermet type of bathtubs consists of a metal frame clad in alumina. The main difference from faience bathtubs is less weight and smaller wall thickness. Cermets are not as expensive as earthenware because of the low consumption of white clay.

The advantage of ceramic bathtubs is their rather long temperature retention, lack of noise and durability. But you need to remember about accuracy when using, tk. bathtubs are prone to cracks and chips.

Ceramic baths are usually oval. They can be of different colors: from white to coffee. Standard sizes: length from 130 to 170 cm, width from 65 to 75 cm.

In the Russian market, this type of bathtub is represented by Santek and TM Colombo, as well as Italian manufacturers Flaminia and Globo.

Bathtubs with various additions

The shapes of the bathtubs are very diverse and less surprising are the square, oval or asymmetric bathtubs. For convenience, manufacturers began to add a variety of handles, buttons, lights, other elements, and functions to the bathtubs.

There were baths designed not only for one person. In different models, you can relax while sitting next to or opposite each other.

You can install an automatic disinfection system. After each bath, the system delivers a disinfectant and then rinses it off.

A variety of shapes is also emphasized by color options. Now you can choose a bathtub for the color scheme of the walls. And big music fans can even get a bath with color music.

The most diverse and popular are bathtubs with hydro and air massage. Massage in such bathtubs is carried out thanks to the directed jets of water with air. Most massage bathtubs are made from acrylic; it is convenient to insert nozzles into it.

Important when choosing such a bath will be the power of the pump. Typically, 1 kW is required per 250 liters. If the bathtub is larger, then the pump must be selected with a larger capacity.

It is also necessary to pay attention to nozzles. If there are few of them, then water massage will be stronger. It is quite comfortable when the number of nozzles is 15 – 20 pieces.

A modern addition to the jacuzzi is a water level sensor. It determines the level of fullness of the bath and will not allow the inclusion of hydro or air massage if there is no water in the font.

In steel and cast-iron bathtubs, the use of additional functions is almost impossible.

Wall and corner bathtubs

Wall-mounted bathtubs can be installed both at a distance from the walls and close to them. The most popular form of wall-mounted bathtubs is an oval, but there are other forms (circle, figure eight, ellipse and asymmetric forms).

The corner must be set to one of the corners of the room. The shape of such bathtubs is usually a quarter circle with the correct geometry. Sometimes you can find fonts of an asymmetric shape.

Tips from professionals

  • Check that the water system matches the bath.
  • It is desirable that the bathtub was with a siphon, if it is not included in the kit, then it must be purchased immediately so that it fits exactly to the drain hole.
  • A good bath should have an overflow protection system.
  • Carefully inspect the surface of the bathtub; there should be scratches, cracks or chips on it.
  • It is advisable to purchase a mixer at the same time, which would be in harmony with the bathroom.
  • Well-known manufacturers always provide a warranty on the product.



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