The idea that many users convey when they send us what they want from their garden is to achieve something different, something innovative, while a way to exploit the full potential offered by each garden. But frist check saw guide circular saw.

We find gardens with great potential that are largely untapped. What alternatives can be really attractive when designing a garden?

The vision and creativity of being able to bring together two spaces, in principle so different, in the same environment, offers us the possibility of combining design, innovation and functionality in the same project. What are we talking about? … “Pool House”, does it ring a bell?

Pool House, two spaces in the same environment

What is a Pool House design? The integration of different areas of the house in the same environment, transferring the sensation that garden, pool and living room merge into a single environment which can be enjoyed all year round.

A Pool House project takes us to a new way of understanding the design and architecture of the different areas that make up a home.

To gather design without subtracting functionality to the house is a true challenge, but to achieve it will be the reward of a well done work.

The main challenge we face in a Pool House project is to eliminate barriers, that is, to carry out a modification of the spaces in such a way that we make the flow between the different areas to be integrated imperceptible. Here the careful selection of materials, as well as the synchronization of textures and colors will be fundamental, without forgetting the intelligent management of the points of light.

On the other hand, we must have an important factor or variable, that of all those resources that can be counted on before starting the project. The case of the swimming pool is usually the most common case. Knowing how to take advantage of, and make the most of existing resources, and design a project where everything is integrated in a harmonic way, is also part of the execution of a successful project.

The main concept is that the pool has to be connected with the rest of the project, not necessarily attached to the house, although it is the ideal, but it can not always be done by the shape of the plot or the space available, especially in small gardens.

In all cases, at the POOLHOUSE we can fit out a service area for the purifier, changing room, storage room, etc. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: room for the purifier, storage room, etc. It is a MULTIFUNCTIONAL space: stationary use (lunch, dinner, having a cocktail near the water) but also a storage room and facilities.



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