Impregnation, primers, and antiseptics

For the application of these materials, STORCH recommends using microfiber (microfine interlaced threads) paint rollers. They absorb the maximum amount of material, perfectly hold and transfer it to the surface with an even thin layer, without forming a spray. Microfiber plush leaves no lint, easy to clean and resistant to wear.

These rollers proved to be excellent in working with impregnations, antiseptics, primers, and other liquid coatings.

Thick paintwork

Two-component varnishes and paints and thick coatings are best applied with nylon rollers. Plush from nylon endless yarns perfectly absorbs materials with a high viscosity coefficient and allows to achieve high-quality dyeing by the uniform distribution.

STORCH professional nylon rollers are additionally stabilized and compacted, which improves their painting characteristics and ensures excellent quality of the future coating.

Water and solvent-based varnishes

To work with different types of varnishes, STORCH offers to choose one of four professional painting tools.

Superfine polyurethane foam is a new word in surface paint. From other foam rubber painting tools, it is distinguished by a super-fine structure and the highest possible density. The result is a perfectly smooth bubble-free coating.

SoftForm Pro professional paint rollers also provide bubble-free coverage. They are made of finely porous dense foam, therefore they are characterized by high absorbency and uniform recoil of the material. To achieve perfect varnishing without stripes, special cone-shaped recesses made from the ends of the tool allow. Thanks to them, when rolling, a minimal amount of varnish is emitted from the edges of the roller and the finished surface is unprecedentedly smooth and uniform.

The SoftForm flocked roller is made of high-density polyurethane foam and is characterized by a finely porous structure, which allows it to absorb and give varnish more effectively in comparison with other painting tools. In turn, the villus flock does not allow the formation of bubbles. As a result, you get an absolutely smooth coating without a single defect.

Separately, we can highlight the innovative monofilament plush made of polyester, which is ideal for all types of varnishes: both water-based and solvent-based. It has good covering ability and leaves no lint. Filtovy rollers well proved in work with dense paints and paintwork of the new generation.



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