• To apply coatings on smooth surfaces, use short pile rollers. They do not spray material, absorb well and even give it to the surface. The exact length of the pile depends on what result you intend to achieve. For perfect smoothness, such as varnishing, choose rollers with a pile length of up to 5 mm. If a perfectly smooth result is not so important, then a pileup to 12mm is suitable
  • Uniform staining of rough and rough surfaces is ensured by long-haired painting tools, optimally from 12 to 18 mm. Due to the long villi, the recesses and irregularities are filled with the material without pressure and its repeated application. This increases productivity and saves paintwork.
  • First-class staining of embossed (very rough) surfaces can be achieved using lined rollers having a pile length of 18 mm or more. When pressed lightly, the pile adheres more closely to the surface being treated, filling the deepest depressions with paint. The lining is located under the paint coat and completely encircles the sleeve, while not absorbing the paintwork material so as not to burden the roller during operation.
  • Especially for staining corners, STORCH developed a plush roll with a specific plush shape. The long-pile paint coat seems to “creep” from the edges onto the sleeve. As a result, we can paint corners quite comfortably.
  • Perfectly paint complex angular surfaces allow a special professional roller STORCH for corners. It is characterized by a round narrow shape and a long pile. The painting tool is characterized by high absorbency and good recoil of the material, and most importantly, quickly and comfortably paint over corner places. Fast and high-quality results when painting large areas will allow achieving paint rollers with an increased core diameter XL. With their help, the master covers more surface in comparison with conventional tools. Due to the increased size, they absorb more paint, which prolongs the time of continuous dyeing and positively affects productivity.
  • Mini rollers are indispensable when working with small surfaces. They are ideal for tinting and finishing. In terms of quality of painting, the rollers of small sizes are in no way inferior to full-size tools. With their help, it is convenient to paint slopes, decorative elements, and other small areas.

When choosing a paint tool, also pay attention to the system for attaching the roller to the telescopic extension, the structure of the core and the clasp. Read about these features in the design of the rollers in one of the following articles.

STORCH has tremendous experience in the development and creation of a new generation of painting tools aimed at solving various problems. The assortment of more than 40 items of professional rollers made of high-quality materials. Our painting tools are loyal and reliable assistants, allowing you to achieve first-class painting of surfaces of any type with any paintwork.



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