Toilet bowls

When choosing a toilet, think about how to install it and supply communications. For example, it is very important to consider the chair height toilets for elderly. We will tell you more about the design of the toilet bowl, various types of flushing and the material of its manufacture in one of the following articles. At the initial stage of planning, it is enough to consider the main ways of fixing the toilet bowl and the tank.

Toilets are divided into floor, wall, hanging, and corner.

Floor – a classic toilet, which is easy to mount and even change without damaging the floor lining.

Wall and wall-mounted toilets are more compact, although they require a supply of space for installing the installation system. A room with a hanging toilet is more convenient to clean.

A corner toilet is an excellent solution for small bathrooms. This option is not very common, so your bathroom will look unusual. Having chosen a corner toilet, think again who will use it – in a narrow corner it can be crowded, uncomfortable.

The tank can be sold with the toilet and separately. The “tank-toilet” kit is easy to install, no additional manipulations are required, and the distance to the wall does not matter. A separate tank, which involves an installation system, flushes with high speed and very high quality. Monoblock cistern (toilet and cisterna single design) looks more massive than other types but more durable and hygienic.

Drainage systems without a tank are also available. They are built directly into the pipeline and controlled by electronic devices.

Before the toilet, it is recommended to leave 60-75 centimeters of free space. In width, plan 100-115 centimeters. In order not to injure the elbows, 25 centimeters should remain on the right and left of the toilet. It is convenient to reach toilet paper if it hangs at a distance of no more than 50 centimeters from the center of the front of the toilet.

If you decide to put a hygienic shower, choose a larger toilet: it is inconvenient to use a shower on a compact one.



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